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Services and Staff


Name Career Services  Extension No.

Meng-Li Chen

  • Director of Career Consultant Division.
  • Supervise overall administrative affairs.
  • Endeavor to innovation, resources acquirement and cross-office coordination.
  • Provide career counseling services for students.
  • Complete assignments from supervisors and cope with exceptional affairs.




  • Arrange career planning lectures and evaluate event performances.
  • Receive and dispatch paper or digital official documents.
  • Conduct career destination survey for graduates (graduated in 1/3/5 years).
  • Maintain recruiting service system (verify company information and post job openings).


Wan-Ting Syu 

  • Career Counseling - Career Exploration and Consulting
  • Arrange career exploring and counseling activities.
  • Manage the system of E-Portfolio and UCAN.
  • Implement overseas internship program.


Bing-Shin Tsai

  • Implement Career Coaching Program.
  • Implement local internship program (including experience sharing activities).
  • Maintain the website and server of Career Consultation Division.
  • Supervise the part-time staff.


Yin-Ting Chang

  • Responsible for division’s email and deal with customer comments.
  • Annual budget planning and expenditures reimbursement. 
  • Arrange recruiting orientation and post job opening. 
  • Organize Southern Career Fair.
  • Organize Substitute Services Career Fair.
  • Conduct employer satisfaction survey.
  • Responsible for meeting minute and events calendar.
  • Manage the office properties and general affairs.