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In order to cultivate and enhance the ability of employability for the students, Do you Know the Career Consultant Division provided which career guidances for them?


  1. To organize career planning lecture series, career workshop, symposium, off-compus internships, career coaching program, job recruiting orientation and Job fair, etc.  
  2. To help students on career exploration, resume writing, interview skills.

 (1) CV & Interview Skills(Lecture)

By inviting executives of companies or lecturers from professional HR institutions, foreign students are expected to cultivate the ability of employability such as how to write a good CV and how to behave at an interview. 

(2)English CV Correction & Mock Interview  (One on One)

The activity will proceed with one on one instruction. To make the consulting process smoother, participants must submit their English CV with the job title  listed on their CV. If it is available,  a mock interview will be conducted as well.

Register at activity website https://activity.ncku.edu.tw/